31 (yes, 31!) virtual event ideas

Virtual event ideas. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown saw the overnight downing of tools across the events industry, we’ve managed to carry on with a bit of work! We always pride ourselves on our creativity, and enjoy an enviable reputation for the same, so Covid-19 simply presented a different challenge to find innovative and engaging solutions to various requests coming through from clients.

Zoom has become the platform of choice (other platforms are, of course, available!) for keeping people connected, from a weekly catch up with friends and family to exercise classes and even high level Government meetings. What’s great is that this type of technology is enabling companies to keep going – not just in terms of team meetings but more social activities as well, which is where we come in quite handy!

We’ve put together a range of ideas that work well for virtual events. You can pick and mix to create your own bespoke entertainment package and we’ll help you put on a great event. Depending on budget, we can arrange for the advance delivery of items participants will need or advise on how people need to prepare ahead of the event.

Please note: this article comes with a MGN events warning – more virtual event ideas will be added!!!


  1. Zoom magic

Close-up magic at its best and crazy tricks that are impossible to fathom! Our talented magicians know how to impress and leave you feeling astounded.

  1. Zoom comedy

You’ve seen Live at the Apollo, now think Live in your own Bedroom/Living room! Enjoy your very own comedy evening with professional comedies who know how to bring the house down… in multiple locations!

  1. Zoom DJs

Our DJs will bring separate living rooms and bedrooms together for a great session of music and dancing. Don’t forget to request your favourite tunes!

Food and drink

  1. Zoom cocktail masterclass

Learn from the best mixologists in the business. Cocktail-making is a real art and great fun to try. If participants have the necessary equipment, they’ll soon be shaking their way to some delicious cocktails. But we can also tailor the session to use equipment you’d find in a standard kitchen.

  1. Zoom gin experience

Gin’s the thing! It’s come a long way from being called ‘mother’s ruin’ and the variety of gins available is mind-boggling ­ this is the session where you’ll discover the fascinating history of gin and what differentiates one brand from another.

  1. Zoom fine wine experience

Discover the art of tasting and learn about fine wines.

  1. Zoom master chef classes

Now here’s a novel way of making sure guests at your online event are well fed – get them to make their own delicious food. Led by a Michelin-starred chef, participants will find themselves cooking like never before.

  1. Zoom culinary games

Let the games begin! A session packed full of foodie challenges designed to bring out the competitive spirit in everyone, along with a generous helping of hilarity.

  1. Zoom chocolate making

Chocolate lovers will be clamouring to get involved in this session! Under the careful guidance of a master chocolatier, participants will make divine chocolate in their own kitchens. The licking of fingers and equipment will be thoroughly encouraged!

  1. Zoom cheese experience

A great way of learning more about all the amazing types of cheese available and how to match them with wine. It’s fun, tasty and handy for future dinner parties!

Virtual sport

  1. Zoom fitness

A great way to kick off a virtual event, get everyone up and energised with a fitness class.

  1. Zoom dance class

From Bollywood to hip-hop, we can deliver a range of dance classes led by professional dance teachers.

  1. Zoom disco yoga

A combination of yoga and disco? You’re just going to have to trust us on this, it really works!

Virtual music

  1. Zoom choir workshop

Music is a great way of bringing people together and creating happy vibes. Under the guidance of an experienced choir master, everyone will be singing like angels – choose from a variety of musical genres.

  1. Zoom lip-sync battle

An opportunity to show off, have fun and be silly – this could be the one where people discover they’ve been singing totally wrong lyrics to their favourite songs… until now!

  1. Zoom songwriting

Channel your inner Gary Barlow and work together to create a unique song together. It’s a great team-building activity.

Virtual games

  1. Zoom game show

You’ve seen it on TV, now enjoy your own version of Pointless or the Price is Right. Get ready for some cheesy fun!

  1. Zoom virtual bingo

House! You can’t beat a game of bingo and it’s easy to organise virtually, hosted by an entertaining caller who knows the patter.

  1. Zoom virtual escape rooms

A great team session, get groups together to see if they can crack the clues and escape a virtual room before time runs out.

  1. Zoom virtual quiz

This will definitely bring out the competitive side in people! We can arrange this as a team or individual competition and will work with you to determine the type of questions and categories that will appeal.

Virtual crafts

  1. Zoom jewellery-making workshop

Get creative, unleash your imagination and see what you can make.

  1. Zoom watercolour workshop

It’s definitely an art and, under the guidance of a fabulous watercolour artist, you might surprise yourself with some great results.

Virtual rubbing shoulders with celebrities

  1. Zoom celebrity guests

Participants will be scrambling to tidy up their rooms if they know a celebrity is going to make an appearance! We’ve got links with various VIPs who will do a virtual meet and greet, chill out and chat.

  1. Zoom celebrity hosts

Need someone to keep things flowing during your online event? Why not invite a celeb – just like the real thing, when a celebrity hosts an event and link the different elements together, we can do the same online.

Virtual wellbeing

  1. Zoom online gardening

Participants don’t need a garden, a windowsill or balcony will do just as well. We’ll arrange delivery of everything needed to discover the calming delights of being green-fingered.

  1. Zoom mindful photography

Led by a professional photographer, this session encourages participants to slow down and see the world around them with fresh eyes – could there be a better time in which to have a go?

  1. Zoom essential oils & fragrances masterclass

Discover how essential oils and fragrances enhance one’s mood.

  1. Zoom everyday wonder

Discover more about the practice of mindfulness.

  1. Zoom meditation

A great skill to have and so valuable for mental and emotional wellbeing, our experienced instructor will help everyone reach a calm and relaxed state.

  1. Zoom better desk work

If your company is planning longer-term for home-based working, this session is designed to help people learn how to stay alert, focused and motivated.

  1. Zoom stress and health buster

Covid-19 and lockdown have created an uncomfortable level of anxiety in many people’s lives. This workshop looks at how good nutrition can make all the difference.

Making the most of what’s possible in our socially distanced world

You don’t have to work in the HR department to know that the last few months have had a massive impact on everyone’s lives. So we probably don’t need to push the point that putting together an online event – one that will bring people together and provide some fun and entertainment – could be just what you and your colleagues need to look forward to!

Discuss your virtual event ideas with us!

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