Many moons ago turning 50 would have been to admit becoming ancient and aged, something best ignored. Thankfully, these days that couldn’t be further from the truth – 50 is a glorious age to be. You’re a proper grown-up (possibly), you know what you like and you like what you know, you’ve probably achieved all sorts of personal and professional dreams and there is so much promise of what is to come in the future. Fifty is the new 40 – in fact, we’d go so far as to say that 50 is the new 30!

So with many, MANY years before you need to contemplate ordering the bath chair and walking stick, your time is much better spent planning to celebrate your fiftieth year by throwing a fantastic birthday party! And never let it be said that hitting your fifth decade is any reason for a party to be a staid affair. We can honestly say that, in our experience of organising parties for all ages, 50th birthday parties can be just as crazy as a marquee full of 18-year-olds. Maybe even more so!

So how do you go about organising the most amazing 50th birthday party?

Key decisions to make are the type of party you want and how many guests you are likely to invite. Once you know those two things you can then decide where you want to host your party. The size of the party will dictate the choice of venue – you might want to look at venues local to where you live or investigate some of the incredible venues London has to offer and extend your 50th birthday celebrations into an overnight stay in a plush hotel. Or, you might prefer to stay closer to home (pardon the pun!) and host your party at home. Lighting, props and decoration – and a good clear out and storage of furniture – can literally transform a home environment into a cool and trendy party venue. Add a marquee house extension to increase the available space by utilising a patio or garden area – ideal for creating a dance or dining area. Or, if you have sufficient garden space or access to a field, why not consider hosting your party in a marquee? That way, you can avoid disruption to your home – not even for the loo, when temporary toilet facilities can be set up near the marquee. These days, portable loos are pretty plush affairs so the most basic amenity won’t compromise the overall party experience.

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Venue sorted, it’s then a case of developing your party theme and how the space will be decorated. Maybe you’re inspired by your favourite music – do you still fondly remember your days as a punk or New Romantic? Is there one film that you’re obsessed with? Themes that stem from personal likes can be a great source of fun, especially if you encourage your guests to enter fully into the spirit and dress accordingly. One of our favourite 50th birthday parties was based around the film Back to the Future. It gave us the opportunity to create the crazy world of Marty McFly inside a marquee and totally transported guests back to the 1950s for a truly immersive experience. Alternatively, you could keep things simple – one of our clients wanted a white theme for their 50th birthday party and we created a very cool and sophisticated look.

Another approach is to be influenced by the environment in which the party will take place. For clients wanting to fully utilise their gardens, we’ve had lots of fun with festival themes which are particularly good if you’ve guest list includes lots of children.

The theme for your 50th birthday party will influence all the different elements

From the catering to the lighting, music and entertainment, carrying your party theme through to every last detail is the secret to its success. It’s that level of attention to detail that will ensure that your guests’ reaction is a resounding ‘wow’ – whether it’s in response to the delicious canapes served when they first arrive or the live band keeping the dance floor full with their renditions of Duran Duran hits!

Lots to decide, lots to do, why not let MGN events take the strain and organise everything for you – give us a call or drop us a line and let’s start planning your 50th birthday party!

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