BRITs Inspiration and your luxury party

As an event management company ourselves we were delighted with the final visual results of the BRITs.  There is no denying that the BRIT Awards always pack a visual punch – for that reason alone we love watching them on TV!

Held at the O2, a huge and cavernous London venue, the production team behind the BRITs had to go big when it came to the design of the event.

The opening of the show had to have a wow factor.

With such a large audience and such a big space in which to raise the levels of excitement and create a good atmosphere for the next few hours, we think that Hugh Jackman’s performance of The Greatest Show was perfectly judged.

It had a real sense of theatre, sumptuous colours, great lighting and tons of dancers.

Throw in a stunning aerial acrobatics display, fire performers, smoke machines and glitter explosions, it was a three-minute extravaganza that left 13,000 people eager for more.

Where would the production team be without a mega video wall, with spectacular graphics that amplified everything happening on stage – to those who planned, organised and designed, we salute you for creating a rich and visual feast for the eyes.

By the time Pink descended to the stage – looking like an amazing exotic bird perching on a hoop – everyone knew that the finale of the BRITs would be every bit as outstanding as the beginning.

Pink is, of course, a fantastic performer and she knows how to get the attention of the audience.

The staging of her song ‘Try’ was a particular highlight – Pink and one dancer performed on a stage suddenly soaked with rain, and the video wall became an interactive screen, which was a technical triumph.

How could anyone not fail to be amazed by such mind-boggling graphic tricks!

Being in the events industry, we tend to watch the big award ceremonies wearing our professional hats, so hats off to whoever ensured everything ran on time.

With the added pressure of a tight schedule governed by ITV’s ad breaks, we were mightily impressed by the slick running and efficient management of so many performers and presenters.

And did you know that there was a pop-up Artists’ Bar and Spa backstage?

Maybe that’s why performers were happy to do their turn and get off stage quickly!

Joking aside, we loved the idea of celebs being able to get a bit of pampering behind the scenes, nails painted, make-up touched up or eyebrows shaped.

High production values are one of our key strengths

Fancy throwing a luxury party that is every bit as extravagant as the BRITs? We can make it happen!

Not only are we bursting with creative ideas, we know how to make them a reality that delivers a memorable experience on every level – the food, the entertainment, special touches such as the edible mist and floating gin & tonic bubbles enjoyed by guests at one of the BRITs after-show parties.

We also possess the technical skill and wizardry that ensures a fantastic atmosphere, from sound and lighting to AV and special effects.

And whilst you might not be planning to fill the O2, we know all the best venues around, so whether you want to hold your party in a high-end venue or somewhere quirky and unexpected, we’ll find the ideal place.

You and your guests will feel like VIPs of the A-list variety from the moment the party begins.

Why not give us a call to find out more about planning a luxury party with MGN events!

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