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Lockdown roadmap – we’re looking forward to a new normal

Finally – infection levels are falling, the numbers stack up, we’re following the science and the lockdown roadmap towards easing restrictions has got the green light! People can meet, plans can be made and, dare we say it, events will soon be able to go ahead again.

Of course, nothing is written in stone. As the government has made clear, easing of restrictions will be dependent on data and dates will change as need be, so it’s down to all of us to act responsibly in the coming weeks and months. But we are optimistic that the events and hospitality industry can soon return to business as usual, so what’s going to happen and when?

12 April* – a big step forward on the lockdown roadmap

Not only can we indulge in some retail therapy, we can get our lockdown locks cut and nails manicured, visit the gym and enjoy outdoor attractions. Camping and holiday lets are the alternative to hot holidays abroad. As part of this step, hospitality venues with outdoor space can serve customers, but there will be restrictions to prevent any mixing of households/groups indoors. Funerals are still restricted to a maximum of 30 mourners, but up to 15 guests can now attend weddings, receptions and other special social events.

17 May*

Most restrictions on meeting outdoors should now be lifted, and up to 30 people can meet. This means that events to celebrate special occasions can go ahead as long as they adhere to the maximum number of guests. There will still be restrictions on meeting indoors. At this stage, indoor entertainment venues, hotels etc will be able to operate in line with Covid-secure procedures, which will also impact on capacity.

21 June*

The lockdown roadmap is not specific at the moment, but the hope is that limits on the size of social gatherings will be removed. Any venues, such as nightclubs, that couldn’t open before this date will now be able to operate as normal. Restrictions on attendance at events should also be removed. The government will carry out an Events Research Programme, which will include trialling ways of cutting the risk of infection – based on the results, we will then know where the event industry stands regards organising large events.

Obviously, much can change so do check the latest government guidance for up-to-date information. In the meantime, we’re more than happy to start planning ahead for events. We understand how to organise events that comply with government guidance and have successfully delivered events with restricted guest numbers.

Prefer to keep things virtual?

Despite the lockdown roadmap now being implemented, we totally understand that some people will still want to err on the side of caution. There will also be instances where it would be impossible to limit guests to 30, so a virtual event would be the perfect solution. Over the last year, we’ve become experts in running virtual events – even setting up our own virtual studio from where we can work the most incredible magic. If you want to plan an event over the next few months and would like to explore virtual options, just let us know!

Get in touch

Whatever your event or special occasion, we’ll work with you – and within government guidelines – to make it spectacular, in real life or virtually. You also have the reassurance of our Covid-19 promise should the pandemic prevents your event going ahead when originally planned.

*These dates are indicative only and are the earliest date by which restrictions will change.

Kat Shepherdson


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