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10 Reasons To Throw A Party

Who doesn’t love a party?! We certainly do and never get tired of them. We’re in a very privileged position to play a part in some extraordinary moments in our customers’ lives, so we know there are all sorts of reasons for people to celebrate.

10 reasons to celebrate with a party

Here are some of our favourites:

1. Birthdays

The apparent reason to throw a party – from young children to the milestone ages of 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, and even 100!

2. Weddings

How could you not celebrate such a joyous occasion?! Once all the formalities are over, the evening wedding party is a chance for everyone to enjoy themselves and for families and friends to get to know each other. 

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3. Wedding anniversaries

Have fun with the theming and take inspiration from traditional anniversary gifts – silver for 25 years and so on. Not married? No matter, why not celebrate the day on which you first met?

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4. Divorce

Rather than mourn the end of a chapter in your life, why not have a party to mark the beginning of a new one? Host it with your ex or on your own, anything goes.

5. Sports

Big sporting events are so much more enjoyable with friends! Love Wimbledon or the Tour de France? They’d make great themes for parties. Looking forward to the next FIFA World Cup? Plad, and book a party to coincide with one of England’s (early!) matches.

6. Calendar events

Christmas is always a perfect excuse for a party. But how about Easter – it’s easy to theme and even grown-ups love an Easter egg hunt! And of course, Halloween parties are a scream!

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7. Housewarming

What better way to meet your new neighbours than to throw a party? Equally, a party in the home you’re leaving is a special way to say goodbye to old friends.

8. New job or retirement

Whether it’s an exciting new opportunity to advance your career or you’ve finished work for good, why not get friends and family together to celebrate a new phase of your life?

9. Saying thank you

We all have someone selfless in our lives, someone who always is there for us in times of need. They are the sort of people who don’t expect anything in return so a surprise party to say ‘thank you’ would be very special indeed.

10. Just because

Time flies by so quickly, it’s not always easy to see friends as regularly as you might like – so have a party!

If any of these occasions for a party are coming up soon in your life, you should consider our party planning service! Call us to discuss, or fill in the form below.

Ensure success for your parties

You can get more help creating successful parties that wow your friends and family. Contact our team via the form below, on 01932 22 33 33 or by email at


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