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9 reasons To Have Your next Party In A Marquee

Marquees have come a long way in the last few years and with the amazing range and choice of styles on offer today, you really have the choice to plan the party of your dreams be it a wedding, garden party, birthday party or Christmas party.  Here at MGN Events, we think marquees are fantastic and here are our top reasons why:

Freedom to design a space to match your party requirements:

the great thing about marquees are that they are flexible spaces that you can stamp your own unique style onto.

You can get creative:

A marquee offers you a blank canvas that you can decorate as creatively as you like. You can dress it up for a formal occasion like a wedding reception or give your space a theme.  From a mysterious and exotic Moroccan themed party to a more informal festival-style event, the space is yours to decorate. Have a look at some of our case studies for more ideas on themes.

Plan the space to suit you:

If you want to relax in a stretch marquee with beautiful lights and open sides or chill out in a quiet place with cushions and mood lighting, then your party planners can design a space to do just that.  Marquees allow you to build areas exactly to your requirements.  Perhaps you want to create different party zones so that you and your guests can move easily from dining space to VIP rooms, or chill out areas through to dancing and entertainment zones.  Alternatively, how about turning your marquee into a film set?  Maybe you’ve always fancied starring in the “The Great Gatsby”.  Well now is your chance to try it! With the right props, dressing and lighting you could transport your guests into a magical world of glamorous partying 1920s style.  Have a look at our Gatsby party case study for inspiration. How about creating your own marquee nightclub or a romantic wedding venue? The possibilities are endless and it is entirely up to you how you use the space. You can design 1 room or 5 rooms – it doesn’t matter.  Our experts have built on a variety of surfaces and gradients so can advise you on the best location for your marquee.

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You have the flexibility to hire your own caterer and cocktail bar:

If you hire your own marquee, you can also choose your own caterer and not be restricted to a venue’s in house supplier.  This will allow you to make your own food choices and pick a menu that is completely bespoke to you.  You can also hire your own bar so if you fancy cocktails or mocktails and a mixologist alongside your favourite wine, you can do that too – minus the corkage charge!

Any time of year works:

Although you may traditionally think of marquees as suitable for summer garden parties and events, they are equally suitable for Christmas parties or winter weddings. As long as you are close to a power supply you can have heating to make your space as warm as toast and in Winter, you can create great lighting effects to really bring the space to life.  A Christmas themed marquee can look really beautiful for a Winter party complete with fairy lights and Christmas trees and even some fake snow to really bring a magical feel to the space.

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Choose a quirky marquee:

there are so many types of marquee styles available ranging from Tipis to Indian marquees to stretch tents and more traditional designs.  The choice is so varied that you can match the right style to the type of party you have in mind. Whether you want to create a nightclub inside a traditional marquee, or host a stunning wedding in an amazing Tipi – anything is possible.

You choose the location:

the glory of a marquee is that, as long as you have outdoor space to build it on, you can choose your location.  They can be built on uneven ground and be perfectly level, they can cover swimming pools, tennis courts and driveways. In summer, it is wonderful to find a space with stunning views like the grounds of a country house, so that if your guests spill outside, there will plenty of time to admire the views. If you are planning a party at home, think about adding a marquee to the back of your house giving you the flexibility of an extra room for people to spread out into for dancing or dining.

You set the limits:

If you hire your own marquee then you can set your own limits and you won’t be restricted by bar closing times and hotel curfews.  If you want to party all night, you can do – just remember to tell the neighbours!

Flexibility with your budget:

If your guest lists grows, you can simply increase the size of your marquee without the worry of overfilling a venue.

A break from tradition: The single best thing about a marquee event is that it allows you to organise everything exactly to your own specifications.  If you are planning a wedding reception, you don’t have to follow the usual rules.  You can organise your day to a timescale to suit you and your guests so you all have a party to remember for years to come.


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