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Corporate event trends

Corporate event trends are important. Despite political turmoil and the uncertainty that that can bring to business, we need to keep focused on the latest advances and how they can help us all to deliver better events. We’re into the latter half of the year, Brexit becomes ever more complex, yet we have to carry on regardless. Despite worries about where the UK is heading, and how it will impact the economy, organisations everywhere continue to concentrate on business growth, improving efficiencies and ensuring a healthy business culture for employees.

Corporate event tends

We work on all kinds of corporate events and we make sure that we also keep looking ahead in terms of trends and developments that we can then implement for our clients. Here are just a handful of the exciting things that are having an impact on the world of corporate events.

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Facial recognition

This particular technological development has become ever more accessible and is now being applied for all kinds of uses. In the event industry, facial recognition is contributing to improved guest experiences at events – particularly in terms of speeding up the check-in registration process, but also for social media whereby people can be tagged in event photos.

Virtual connections

Tech has the power to bring people closer, which can make a real difference when a corporate event can be opened up to an audience beyond the attendees themselves. Perhaps you have several overseas offices and time/resources will not allow for delegates from those offices to attend an event in London. Technology can be used to allow them to participate remotely – through streaming online or creating content that can be subsequently shared as a secondary event.

planning employee events - MGN EventsPlanning employee events mobile - MGN Events

Innovative ways to collect data

When is a floor not a floor? When it’s a smart mat that records attendee traffic at an event and provides the data for that all-important analysis of what delegates respond to most or least.

Chatbots are becoming more useful

Many of us are happy to have Alexa in our home, AI is becoming the norm. So it makes perfect sense to harness such technology for use at events; be it leading up to the event when registering online to attend or at the event itself. Chatbots can be designed to perform useful actions; from where bathrooms are located to identifying when and where a delegate needs to be for the next session. It’s also fun to use!

Language is no longer a barrier

Remote translation services delivered through an app are a godsend. These days they are sufficiently sophisticated to avoid the gaffs of Google Translate in its infancy. It means that international delegates don’t have to suffer a poor event experience.

The environment is still high on the agenda

Most organisations take seriously their corporate social responsibility and are keen to reduce the carbon footprint of their corporate events. From reducing use of plastics to minimising food waste and working with caterers who create menus from seasonal products; the tide is turning.

Why not discuss the latest corporate event trends with us?

If you’re planning a corporate event, why not get in touch. MGN events works with a wide variety of corporate clients to deliver conferences, away-days and team-building events that fulfil key business objectives. Find out how we can help achieve yours! Contact us on 01932 223333 or hello@mgnevents.co.uk


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