Whether you’re an avid follower of David Attenborough or Greta Thunberg or not, we’re all having to wake up to the fact that we need to take responsibility and do our bit for the good of the environment. Within the events industry, event planning and management companies such as MGN events are getting serious about creating sustainable events, making sure that parties and events don’t have a negative impact on the environment. Just a few of the initiatives we encourage our clients to adopt include:

Hold a virtual event!

A perfect way to limit the environmental impact of your event; and especially relevant during this time of social distancing and self-isolation.  Why not hold a fun and interactive virtual event? It will definitely be one your guests will remember!

MGN events can offer a wide variety of options that work well in a virtual event space – such as DJ sets, pub quizzes, gameshows, team challenges, and even guest appearances by celebs.

We have plenty of gizmos at our fingertips to make your event unique and outstanding. Plus ways of sharing the fun on social media networks! Click here to find out about our Virtual parties for Adults, or here to learn about our virtual kids parties.

Go paperless

Lovely as it is to receive an invitation by mail, it’s better to save on paper and printing and send out digital invites. We’re all so used to email now and even a digital invite can be designed to look special. It’s a service that we provide, so your guests will receive a professionally designed invitation, the RSVP can then be sent by email and, if needed, we can even set up a website for your event, which contains all the information your guests might need.

Sustainable events

Choose environmentally-friendly products

For many years we’ve been content to exist as a throwaway society. But now, manufacturers are beginning to respond to the need to reduce the use of plastic and single-use items. Forget flimsy paper plates that go soggy far too quickly, different materials are now being used to great effect; natural materials like palm leaf and bamboo, for instance. Avoid plastic plates and bowls, the same items made from palm leaf are eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable. Serving cocktails? Don’t use plastic straws, choose bamboo straws instead. Putting bottled water on the table? Stop! Iced water in jugs is a better solution.

Choose a menu that’s seasonal and local if possible

If you find a caterer that’s environmentally-minded, looks to source their ingredients locally and creates menus that use in-season products, get them booked! It makes sense to support local suppliers rather than buying in products that have racked up loads of air miles.

Book Your Own Party

Reduce food waste

Whilst councils are getting smarter about food waste and preventing it from going to landfill, the onus is on individuals to think about how much food is being wasted and how that can be reduced. The same thing goes for a party or special event. Good caterers will be hot on this; making sure that they provide sufficient food to keep your guests happy without having loads left over. Knowing your guests’ specific dietary requirements ahead of time will help to limit waste as well.

sustainable events

Use local suppliers

Or at least think carefully about your party’s carbon footprint. The live band you want to perform may not be right on your doorstep, but if you need floral arrangements, for instance, it makes sense to find a florist local to the party venue.

Spend a penny in a compost loo

If yours is an outdoors event or in a marquee, you’ll probably need to provide portable toilet facilities. Compost loos are a better choice than traditional portable loos.

Are you serious about sustainable events?

Find out more about how MGN events can help you ensure your next party is as sustainable as possible. We would love to help you create an incredible event that has a lasting impact on your guests, not the environment! Contact our team on 01932 22 33 33 or by email hello@mgnevents.co.uk.

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