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5 of the best luxury travel concierge services

A travel concierge service allows you to conserve one of your most precious resources: time.

Let an experienced team make suggestions, handle bookings and organise an incredible winter holiday for you and your family this year, while you focus on managing your business and enjoying your life.

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Key takeaways:

– Discover a list of time-saving membership and one-off travel concierge services
– Be inspired by winter holiday escapes for the 2022 festive season

Luxe travel concierge services

For a one-off travel or holiday experience, you might prefer the expertise of an organisation that can offer on-demand white glove support. Alternatively, you might choose to secure the year-round support of a membership service. To help preserve your time and resources, you might consider one of these five exceptional luxury travel concierge service providers:

Velocity Black:

Specialising in out-of-this-world travel and wellness experiences among other lifestyle services, Velocity Black combines human intuition and expertise with cutting-edge tech intelligence to provide peerless concierge services.

Knightsbridge Circle:

Founded and led by Stuart McNeill, the invitation-only luxury travel and lifestyle agency Knightsbridge Circle, assigns five staff to every member and specialises in making the impossible, possible.

Nota Bene:

The ultimate curators of luxury travel experiences, Nota Bene offers exclusive travel management, a dedicated Travel Director and the inside track on the world’s finest hotels, private villas and island buyouts. The service is lauded by the likes of fashion designer, Michael Kors.


A luxury lifestyle concierge service, Quintessentially has set the benchmark for connecting its clientele to the things and experiences they love most. The award-winning in-house travel agency is well-versed in crafting individualised itineraries.

Bon Vivant:

Renowned as one of London’s leading luxury travel concierge services, Bon Vivant specialises in tailored, personalised travel experiences and holidays, as well as one-off hotel bookings. The Journal by Bon Vivant is brimming with must-see-and-do travel and dining experiences.

Taking your luxury holiday to the next level

Capable of planning, booking and managing your high-end travel reservations and lifestyle requirements, concierge companies offer membership packages as well as on-demand services.

Check out our article – 5 inspirational winter holiday escapes for all the family – for cues you can give your concierge service provider when it comes to planning a luxury festive or winter break:

Glaciers, ski slopes, roaring fires and chalet luxury

Be inspired by the only ski-in/ski-out hotel in Aspen, Colorado. The Little Nell is a Five-Star, Five-Diamond, family- and pet-friendly hotel nestled at the foot of Aspen Mountain. There’s as much on offer for ski enthusiasts as for non-skiers in this world-renowned winter destination.
Take a heli-tour and explore a glacier, enjoy heli-skiing, visit the spa and wellness centre or enjoy a spot of relaxing in front of a roaring fire in the incomparable Owner’s Residence at Blanket Bay Lodge, New Zealand.

Crystal-clear waters, island living and eco-luxe destinations

Enjoy being cocooned beneath azure waters in a one-of-a-kind luxury submerged luxury suite at The Maruka, Condrad, Maldives. Marvel at the aquatic life beneath the waves, experience a diversity of watersports or lounge in the infinity pool.

Explore the famous wreck of The RMS Rhone, take in the sunsets at the beach bar, and appreciate the eco-luxe touches at every turn at this British Virgin Islands resort – Cooper Island Beach Club Eco-Resort.

Tuck yourselves away at the uniquely secluded Beach House at Qualia Resort, on the Great Barrier Reef. With its inimitable open-plan and indoor-outdoor living, complete with 12-metre infinity pool, and spectacular vistas, the resort brings together the best of Australia in one award-winning destination.

Event concierge services, by MGN events

For those planning celebratory events, luxury parties or soirees a little closer to home, we have plenty of inspiration to offer there too.

Imagine applying the benefits that a luxury travel concierge service brings to your holidays to your next party. That’s what we do at MGN events. Stress-free luxury party planning and management services.

Why not book a consultation, read our blog or speak to one of our dedicated event planners? You can either complete the form below or call 01932 22 33 33. You can also email

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