MGN events took centre stage this week when our very own event co-ordinator, Emy got caught up in the middle of a prank featuring Peter Crouch and his wife Abi Clancy together with Ant and Dec on Saturday Night Takeaway. Viewers were treated to a hilarious prank on our party planners as Abbey Clancy and her footballer husband Peter Crouch became the latest victims of their mischievous ways.

The Stoke City player and the Britain’s Next Top Model judge were roped into their fun and games – with one particularly funny scene involving her using his barefoot as a phone – as they took part in this week’s instalment of I’m A Celebrity…Get Out Of Me Ear! Emy had no idea that when she went off to meet the high-profile celebrity couple to discuss their daughters birthday party, that she was actually going to be at the centre of a well-orchestrated prank which would end up on prime time Saturday night television!

Videos of the sketch

Emy takes up the story

“I was told to meet the family PA at a London pub and would then be taken to a secret location to discuss plans for a childrens’ party. I didn’t have a clue what was coming, I didn’t even know who I would be meeting! I was asked to go along with whatever they suggested to help break the ice and so I did. I ended up doing speaking into Peter Crouch’s foot after Abi Clancy insisted. I also got involved in all sorts of other bizarre tricks. At the end of the afternoon Ant and Dec appeared out of a present and it was only at that point that I realised I had been at the centre of a very elaborate prank. Although it was all a bit strange at the time, I had a laugh about it on the way home. It certainly wasn’t a typical day in the office!”

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Mike Walker, Managing Director of MGN Events said: “I think Emy did a fantastic job and managed to remain as professional as possible, god knows what she thought of the couple as they must have seemed bonkers! We’re very proud of her. She has assured me that she will get me back for this!”

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