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The Pro’s and Con’s of Hosting Your Party At A Venue

So you’re planning to celebrate a special occasion, don’t fancy hosting a party at home and are looking instead for the perfect venue! There are certainly plenty of options to consider – from hiring a function room in a plush hotel or historic country house to taking over a museum or art gallery for an evening. The possibilities are endless!

What are the pros?

Logistics are easily taken care of

Venues with dedicated function rooms will have ensured that all the basics are in place, from kitchens equipped for mass catering to tables and chairs to sufficient bathroom facilities and parking for all your guests. Even more unusual venues will have covered off all the logistical details – an art gallery, for instance, might provide space for a pop-up kitchen.

Create a sense of anticipation

When your guests receive their invites, the discovery of where you are holding your party is likely to immediately create excitement. The wow factor begins from this very moment!

Less research and organisation

Venues will be able to show you photographs of previous events and this will give you a flavour of what you’ll be able to achieve. Choose a great event planner who is full of inspiring ideas and they will take your brief, work to your budget and put together an entire concept for your party. They will work with you to make sure that every detail is as you want it and then organise everything on your behalf.

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Less stress, more enjoyment

On the day, a party held at a venue means the minimum of stress for you. Every job has been assigned, and yours is definitely not making sure that the bathrooms are clean and well stocked! Although you are hosting, your responsibility stretches no further than making your guests feel welcome, encouraging them to have a good time and doing the same yourself! A chef will make sure the canapes are served on time, waiting staff will keep topping up the drinks, and if a lightbulb blows there will be someone ready to replace it.

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Overnight stays

In the event that you hire a venue such as a hotel or country house, there may be the added advantage of overnight accommodation – handy for guests who are travelling from afar and an added bonus if they might otherwise decline your invitation.

No cleaning!

When the party ends you can simply say ‘thank you and goodbye’ – you certainly won’t have to worry about cleaning and tidying up!

Needless to say, there are also some cons

You’ll need to plan ahead

Finding a venue that you like, can accommodate your party size AND is available on your preferred date can be a challenge. Venues can book up incredibly quickly so if your party is a last-minute decision you may be disappointed or else have to settle for a venue you like less.

Rules are rules

Don’t beg your venue to squeeze in 10 last-minute guests when you’ve already got the maximum amount of people coming to your party. Health and safety is a serious issue for any venue and they will not be prepared to bend strict operating regulations.

Fixed finish time

Most venues will impose restrictions on the finishing time of your party. They will be licensed to serve alcohol within specified hours and, likewise, will not be allowed to play loud music beyond a certain time.

You can’t just do what you want

There will probably be restrictions on what you can do in terms of decorating the room. However, don’t be put off by this. A good events team has endless tricks up its sleeve and can find ingenious ways to achieve a particular look with lighting and props – and without upsetting a venue. We’ve certainly had plenty of experience of totally transforming spaces into something completely different.

Need some help finding your venue and want to throw a party that will be talked about for years to come? Call us on 01932 223333 or email hello@mgnevents.co.uk to find out more about our party planning service.

Kat Shepherdson


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