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14 questions to ask a venue when planning an event

Hurrah, you’ve found the perfect venue to host your next corporate event. It’s available on the date you want, it’s surely all systems go. Well, hopefully yes, but there are a few questions to ask a venue when planning an event before confirming your booking. Asking the right questions up front and getting detailed information about your chosen venue will minimise the risk of issues cropping up and the possibility that the success of your event could be compromised.

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What are the questions to ask a venue when planning an event for corporate?

So here’s our list of 14 questions to ask a venue when planning an event for corporate:

  1. Check the capacity. Some venues will give detailed information on their websites, making room layout information and the relative capacity easy to confirm. Either way, make sure that you discuss numbers and how the venue is to be used so that there is no confusion down the line. 
  2. Ask to see photographs of the venue in use. Particularly useful will be photographs of the room or rooms being used in the way you intend to use them. It will help you visualise your event much more easily.
  3. Request floorplans to help with your planning. If the plans don’t already include the information, find out where plug sockets are located and how many.
  4. Are there any access issues for guests who are disabled or have limited mobility?
  5. Will there be any other events going on at the same time as yours? If there are, will they have any impact on your event?
  6. What access will you have for unloading/loading equipment that is being used for the event?
  7. What furniture is available in the room/rooms you’re hiring? It’s a good idea to ask for photographs as well – the venue may have plenty of chairs, but are they the right chairs for your event?
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  8. What technical equipment is available? Does the venue provide sound equipment and speakers or will you need to hire whatever you need?
  9. If you’re planning to use decorations, do check if there are any limitations. Some venues will not want anything stuck to the walls, for instance.
  10. Who is responsible for setting up the venue to your specifications? And don’t forget to ask about who is also responsible for clearing up at the end.
  11. From what time can you have access to the venue? Set-up times are an important part of the process.
  12. What time do you have to vacate the venue?
  13. If you’re planning to use special effects, such as a water-based haze machine, check that it’s okay with the venue. You may need to arrange a test run with the venue manager to ensure they’re happy to go ahead.
  14. And finally, do try to do a walk-through of your event. From arrival at the venue, taking into account transport and parking facilities, to registering and moving through the venue as if you were attending the event.

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Struggling to find the right venue for your corporate event? We work with all kinds of venues and may know the ideal place. And if you’d like to offload some or all of the planning and organisation, why not have a chat with us – with MGN events your event will be a winner!


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