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Did you get engaged on Valentine’s day?

Did you get engaged on Valentine’s day? Romance is alive and well, St Valentine’s Day engagements are all the rage! Have you just spent the weekend in a happy whirl sharing the good news? You definitely won’t be the only ones!

Valentine’s Day is certainly a romantic day for getting engaged. No surprise to discover that Google receives around 12,000 searches every month for terms such as ‘how to propose’. In February 2018 there was a huge spike of 22,000 searches. And a survey of more than 2,000 adults conducted by UK jewellery retailer Diamond Heaven found that 16% of couples became engaged on Valentine’s Day. Interestingly, it seems to be a day much favoured by men as the perfect time to propose. Well, you probably can’t get more romantic – traditionally, it’s a day of roses, dinner for two and a special gift… an engagement ring fits the scenario perfectly! 

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What lies ahead…

Now, of course, you’ve got lots to think about. With an engagement comes the inevitable wedding to organise. Unless you’re going to have a very low-key wedding, it will mean lots of planning and decision-making over the next 12-24 months. Cue buying every wedding magazine on the shelf, creating Pinterest boards, agreeing the wedding date, an endless round of venue visits, talking to suppliers, dealing with the thorny issue of who should or shouldn’t be on the guest list, looking forward to the honeymoon and a chance to relax after all the hard work!

Alternatively, talk to a specialist wedding planner and enjoy a far less stressful run up to your big day. Weddings have a habit of taking over every spare moment and; assuming you don’t have endless amounts of time or experience of organising such an important event, it can be so much easier to hand it over to a professional. Weddings are one of our specialities and, whether you’re planning to get married in the UK or fancy a glorious wedding abroad, we know how to create a wonderful experience for you and your guests – why not take a look at our weddings service for ideas and inspiration!

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Don’t forget to celebrate your engagement!

But before that, don’t forget to savour the moment and throw an engagement party! It’s a great way to formally mark your new status, celebrate with friends and family and start getting excited about your wedding.

It’s not every day you get engaged and it would be a shame to let the occasion pass unmarked. Again, this is where the professionals can come in and turn a task into a far more pleasurable experience. As an experienced event planning and management company, we can design and organise your engagement party while you get on with your day-to-day life (and maybe free up more time to think about that wedding!), working with your budget to deliver a fantastic party. It’s a great opportunity as well to perhaps test out a few ideas that you have for your wedding. Maybe you have a particular colour palette in mind or there is something that defines you as a couple; such as a love of travel or you met through a running club, that might form the basis of a theme.

Book Your Own Party

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Engaged? Planning a party or wedding?

From sourcing a venue to choosing suppliers, organising live entertainment and making sure the entire event runs smoothly; we can help ensure the journey towards your wedding day is smooth, stress free, something to celebrate and totally memorable. And there’s nothing better than starting that journey with a party. Contact our team on 01932 223333 or email hello@mgnevents.co.uk

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