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How to create engaging internal sales team events

We want to talk about internal sales team events. The biggest investment any organisation should make is in its people. From the recruitment process and the search for the very best talent around right through to retaining highly trained individuals who perform consistently well; the need to motivate, incentivise and make employees feel valued and appreciated is key to business growth, success and profitability. Never is this more true than when it comes to your sales team; a team integral to business success, so making sure they feel inspired to do their job every day is essential.

Internal sales team events

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Engaged teams are productive, successful and profitable teams

Not that we want to teach anyone to suck eggs! We’re probably pointing out the obvious; for a lot of people and the ‘why do it’ is easy and logical to understand. But when it comes to the ‘how’, there can be more of a barrier to understanding that you have to put in just as much as you expect to come out of a team meeting to motivate or share new business objectives.

Look at it this way, if you pull your sales team into a presentation room, lay on a platter of sandwiches and then subject them to a hastily put together Powerpoint presentation, how engaged do you think they will be? Take them out of the office for the day, put them into a different and inspiring environment where you can deliver a slick presentation, organise break-out groups, inject some fun with team-building exercises and then show your appreciation with a delicious dinner to wrap up the day, how much more engaged will they be and how much more rewarding the experience!

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We know what it takes to make internal sales team events successful

We work closely with our corporate clients to deliver internal sales team events that provide an excellent return on investment. In fact, we even go beyond what you might expect of a typical event organisation and management company. When you decide to hold an internal employee event, we’ll take the time to understand its purpose, who the attendees are and what you expect to achieve. We can then combine that knowledge with our extensive experience in designing inspiring events to create an entire concept for the day – even to the extent of working with you on the content itself.

Providing end-to-end event management

Basically, we’ll give you as much or as little support as you need. From sourcing a venue, arranging the logistics of travel to setting up a registration website. MGN can create the day’s agenda, develop a theme for the event, build a stage and set up any required lighting and audio equipment. We pride ourselves on creativity and high production values; we know what’s on trend and always utilise the very latest and most innovative technology. It’s why many of our clients return to us time after time; they know that we’ll deliver a unique experience and add value throughout.

Why not take a look at the events we’ve created for other companies. A quick call is all it takes to start an exciting conversation about how we might elevate your next internal sales team event to a completely new level.

Talk to us about your internal sales team events

Contact us to discuss your internal sales team events. Our experienced team of event planners and managers would love to discuss your ideas and plans. Our event managers will work as an extension of your team to help you to deliver outstanding employee events. Call us on 01932 22 33 33 or email hello@mgnevents.co.uk


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