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Our new Employee Engagement Programme – here’s a sneaky peek!

Employee engagement programme. Keep your teams engaged and connected, wherever in the world they are. Did any of us seriously think back in March that Zoom meetings and working from bedrooms and kitchens would start to feel normal? After two national lockdown periods it’s looking increasingly likely that a mass return to the office isn’t going to happen any time soon – there is promising news of vaccines, but Covid-19 will continue to impact our lives for the foreseeable future.

For us it’s meant having to adapt our services to deliver virtual events. We’ve been working with our corporate clients to find effective ways to still deliver key events in the business calendar; whether it’s a conference, awards ceremony, leadership event or a summer party to keep morale high.

Right now, and rightly so, the focus is very much on Christmas. This year, perhaps more than any other we can think of, the Christmas party is much needed and the companies we work with understand the value of investing in a virtual festive event for their people. But in the background, and away from the holly and mistletoe, we’re looking ahead to 2021.

Whilst we’d love to physically bring people together for events, we’ve also embraced and enjoyed the challenge of how to effectively fulfill clients’ business objectives on a virtual platform. Our virtual events service has proved highly successful and we are constantly evolving what we can offer.

The challenges 2021 may well bring

Companies that are managing to adapt and meet their customers’ new needs still face a hurdle that will probably be recurring in the coming months – keeping employees engaged and motivated. We’ve previously explored the issues around employee wellbeing and with the need for remote working to continue for the time being it’s something that business leaders, internal communication managers and HR departments have to address.

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The days of team away-days, social events or impromptu drinks after work on a Friday night are temporarily over. But that doesn’t mean that the need to nurture team spirit and the wider company spirit no longer exists. We know from what our clients tell us that finding ways to bring teams together virtually is incredibly important, both socially and to deliver business messages.

Over the last six months we’ve responded to client needs on a bespoke basis and it’s given us a unique perspective on how virtual events can really help businesses take responsibility for employee wellbeing and ensure their people continue to be motivated and productive. So we’re taking the very best of our learning and packaging it into an Employee Engagement Programme.

planning employee events - MGN EventsPlanning employee events mobile - MGN Events

So what is the Employee Engagement Programme

It would probably be easier to say what it’s not. It’s not prescriptive and it’s definitely not a ‘one solution fits all’ package. But it will be an inspiring mix of wellbeing activities, team building and social events tailored to specific client needs. Ideal for teams within a larger organisation or company-wide for organisations with less than 500 employees. We’ll deliver a series of scheduled events that run throughout the year; giving participants something to look forward to but, more importantly, keeping them connected and engaged.

Whether you envisage a series of events that run weekly over several consecutive months or once a month for a year, we’ll plan and organise a bespoke programme that works for your internal communication strategy. You could combine it with a monthly comms meeting or the quarterly business update, it’s totally flexible. Or maybe you have an office tradition of having pizzas delivered on Thursdays – this programme could fill that space.

Why use MGN events?

Because we’ll work closely with you as a partner. By committing to a planned programme we can offer you a discount on our organisation and management fees; meaning a significant saving compared to a more impromptu approach to putting on events. We’ll plan, organise and manage every aspect of each event; including sourcing suppliers and taking care of all the logistics. We’ll even deliver identical items to hundreds of different addresses. Anything is possible! We have an almost endless list of ideas that can be delivered virtually (and that’s just the social events!), so why not have a read and start feeling inspired!

The MGN events Employee Engagement programme will be launched in January. Interested? Just send us an email and we’ll provide more details. Here’s to making 2021 work!

Find out more about our employee engagement programme

Contact us to find out how our employee engagement programme could help you and your teams. Call 01932 22 33 33, or email hello@mgnevents.co.uk to find out more.


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