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Birthday Party Venues in London

London is one of the most popular locations for our client’s milestone birthday parties, such as a 16th birthday party, 18th birthday party21st birthday party, 40th Birthday party, 50th Birthday Party or a 60th birthday party. Often clients struggle to find good quality London venues available that will allow birthday parties. Many ask us for some help using our free venue searching services to find good 18th birthday party venues or other birthday venues in London.

The good news is that our healthy database of birthday party venues in London means we can almost always find a London venue perfect for your special birthday party, even at short notice! The types of venues on our birthday party venue database range from hotels, to halls, nightclubs, event spaces all the way to hiring a boat. If you are looking for a birthday party venue, you should contact us and ask about our party planning services which include venue finding.

At MGN events, we have spent many years creating a unique and diverse database of birthday party venues in London, all venues range across all criteria and budgets, so there is always something for everyone! We have even written a few tips, on what to look out for and where to find your own venue, if you have to time to search and do the research for yourself, if you don’t, we will be more than happy to help.

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16th Birthday Party Venues In London

Venues are often split between who will allow a 16th birthday party in London, and which venues will not allow a 16th birthday party. Usually venues are welcome to hosting a 16th birthday party, but some venues, for example a nightclub on a weekend, wouldn’t allow a 16th birthday party as the nightclub are open to the paying public at these times, and are mostly unavailable to hire, unless you can afford an obscene hire fee charge, to make it worth their while – in this case, we would recommend you steer well clear of these types of venues!

A good venue choice for a 16th birthday party would be a hotel. Hotels in London usually have various room sizes to suit a range of birthday parties sizes. Some hotels are big enough for the birthday boy or girl to invite all their friends, have a dance floor and DJ set up, with occasional seating also available. This set up is the most popular for 16th birthday parties. Don’t forget that at MGN events, we can not only find you a venue, but we can supply you with the entertainment and Decor too! The theming and decoration can really transform any venue into the perfect birthday party.

Other London venues that may be suitable for a 16th birthday party would include a blank event space, these types of venues are cool because they are very spacious and act almost like a blank canvas for loads of cool decorations to fit the theme of your 16th birthday party. If you are looking for budget 16th birthday party venues in London, you may want to look at a sports club, these include cricket clubs, football clubs and rugby clubs. Venues like this often have a function room that they allow to be hired out for an event. Again, they can be transformed to look as glamorous as you want.

Another fun alternative would be hiring out a boat or party bus, which would go around London. These types of birthday parties usually offer a package and are very popular for a London based 16th birthday party.

18th Birthday Party Venues In London

A large majority of venues in London will allow an 18th birthday party because they are in such high demand. Just like with the 16th birthday parties, we almost always suggest a hotel for the best 18th birthday party venues. We do this because you tend to get more value for money, they often set a minimum spend that would include for example buffet or bowl food, along with room hire for a reasonable price in a chic, fashionable hotel.

Another popular 18th birthday party venue is a grand looking manor house; these are especially popular in the summer with clients. These venues look amazing from the outside and the inside. One problem with 18th birthday party venues is the divide between those that are 18 and those that may not have turned 18 yet, which usually is an issue, however if the venue does allow an 18th birthday (and we know the best ones that do!) each venue will have their way of working around this to make the event safe for all involved. One thing a lot of venues do ask for is to have an ID/ wristband policy in place. This is to prevent anyone under age going to the bar and purchasing a drink. Other venues may ask that you have security on the doors. The venues that require doormen are usually more expensive as you have to pay for the security by the hour. Most venues are trusting to us and the client, and are happy to have the ID system in place.

Other popular 18th birthday party venue choices are nightclubs, bars and restaurants or event spaces. Some event spaces are set up purposely for private hire, so there may not always be the need for us to do too much transformation to the venue; however, you could also go for a blank canvas venue which would allow us to completely transform the venue to exactly how you want it. Other options are for a marquee either at a venue or at your own private gardens. These are especially popular for the summer time. Contact us today to discuss.

21st Birthday Party Venues In London

21st birthday party venues are often more extravagant. Usually, clients will look at hosting a 21st birthday party in their back garden in a marquee, however, some clients prefer a venue and room that can be set up nicely, with a cocktail bar and dance floor area to enjoy their evening. They may require tables and seating for a sit-down meal, or a more relaxed seating area for a buffet, bowl food or canapés. Golf clubs and hotels are usually a popular choice. However, we have lots of lovely unique 21st birthday party venues to recommend to you, like cocktail and champagne bars, a gallery, country clubs, rooms with a view, or roof gardens! We can find the perfect venue to meet your requirements. Contact us today to discuss.

40th Birthday Party Venues In London

40th birthday party venues we find are usually a mix of boutique venues and unusual spaces! You’re only 40, you probably want to dance the night away with family and friends like it’s the 90’s all over again! Our extensive knowledge of London based venues will impress you. Speak to us today about finding and designing your 40th birthday party venue. Contact us today to discuss.

50th Birthday Party Venues In London

50th birthday party venues are usually high class, less contemporary, more classic in design. A room for a nice banquet, or fun room for guests to soak up a delightful atmosphere, for a more extravagant than usual party! Speak to us today about finding and designing your 50th birthday party venue. Contact us today to discuss.

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