If you’re planning to host a party in your home you’re probably very aware that there is plenty of organising to be done. We thought we’d share some of our experience of house parties, so here are our top tips to make yours a resounding success.

Lighting will set the mood

Whatever you do, don’t leave overhead lights on, the brightness will kill the atmosphere before the party has started! Equally, make it too dark and it will be impossible for your guests to socialise. Lighting plays such an important part in a party, so why not consider hiring some intelligent moving light units to wash your walls with colour or create really funky effects – think about creating theatre within your home!


Along with good lighting effects, some well chosen decorations will establish the theme of your party and will go a long way towards transforming the room(s) you’re using into a great party space. Resist the temptation to hireprops, unless you go all out to hire the good stuff. Cheesy-low price props will look unconvincing andwon’t impress your guests, so don’t bother. Be clever about how you spend your budget! For example, if you’re throwing a Hawaiian-themed party, a good tiki bar unit will look so much better than a few plastic props. And don’t forget that your guests can also contribute to the atmosphere– ask them to dress to fit your theme and see the party come alive!

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Move furniture around

You may even need to remove some furniture to open up the party space. For instance, don’t leave sofas and chairs near to dancing areas or speakers – it’s not the right place for anyone wanting to chat and you’d surely rather they were dancing to the music.

Hire a DJ

A good DJ will know how to put together a playlist that will get your guests dancing all night long – and they’ll be able to quickly adapt their playlist as they observe how your guests respond to particular tunes. Trust them to take your preferred style of music and play a fun set without deviating too far from your intended music policy!

Book a photographer

You and your guests will have some great memories of the party, but even better would be a photographic record of the event. Posed shots are fine, but the photographer who can work virtually unnoticed to spot and photograph special moments as they happen will capture the true flavour of your party – and that’s the one to hire (and we know quite a few if you need recommendations!).

Serve bowl food

A formal meal would slow the pace of the party. A buffet can get messy and quickly look unattractive once people have dived in. Bowl food is the perfect way to satisfy appetites and is designed to enable guests to eat whilst standing – and without making a mess. Worried about small portions? Why not upgrade and go for the substantial bowl food option.

Stock up on drinks

It’s always better to have some left over rather than running out halfway through the party. Ensure there is plenty of choice – beers, wine, fizz, cocktails, spirits and mixers, soft drinks – to keep everyone happy.

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Plan a midnight snack

People will get peckish and a snack is also a great way of soaking up the alcohol – small bacon sandwiches or cheese on toast tend to go down well. It’s also a way of signaling that the party is coming to an end. Eating will actually make your guests feel tired and more likely to prepare to leave, which will make things easier for you.

Set up a cloakroom

Turn one room into a cloakroom – complete with coat rack or rail and hangers – so that guests can leave their coats and bags while they enjoy the party.

Prepare the bathroom

Make sure everything is spotlessly clean. Ensure there is a stock of loo roll, clean towels and a mirror. A fragrant reed diffuser or something similar would be a nice touch, but don’t forget to also discretely place a spray air freshener by the loo.

Greet your guests

There is nothing worse than going to a party where the host or hostess is too busy running around to receive their guests. Be ready with a big smile to welcome yours as they arrive – ensure you spend quality time with them, it’s your party after all!

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Warn the neighbours

Give your neighbours advance notice of the party, apologise for any late night noise and give them a gift of chocolates or wine as a way of thanking them for their understanding. With any luck they’ll plan to go out themselves that night.

Don’t announce your party on Facebook

Or any other social media for that matter – you only have to refer to Project X to understand why! Save the social networking for after the event, when it’s safe to say what a great party it was – don’t entice gatecrashers with the promise of how great it will be.

And finally – have fun!

If you’d like some help creating a party to celebrate a special occasion just give us a call! We can take care of everything so that you can enjoy being with your guests.

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