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Hosting A Party At Home – Pros & Cons

So you’ve decided to throw a party to celebrate a special occasion. Wondering where to host the party?

One possibility is to host your party in your own home. As professional party planners we thought we’d share the pros and cons of hosting a party at home so you can decide if it’s right for you!

Transforming your living space into a temporary party venue can be hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun.

So what are the pros?

You are in complete control

From the moment you decide to hold a party you are in charge – from setting a date that suits you to the number of guests you invite.

Other details, such as how late you want the party to finish, are yours to decide, rather than having to abide by venue rules and restrictions.

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Decorate to your heart’s content

It’s your house, you can do what you want with it.

The use of special lighting and hiring props and items of furniture that tie in with your theme will quickly turn a humble living room into an exciting party space; it’s an opportunity to let your imagination run riot!

Take a look at how a London town house became a fantastic tropical jungle and how Ibiza came to leafy Surrey if you need some inspiration.

You’re creating a unique venue

Holding a party at home (if you haven’t done it before) doesn’t necessarily bring with it high expectations in the minds of your guests.

They may have visions of squeezing into your living room, music courtesy of an iPod on shuffle mode, or a kitchen table doubling as drinks bar. So there is plenty of room to impress and create a real wow factor that they simply won’t have anticipated.

Choose your favourite menu

You are not beholden to any one caterer or the restrictions of choosing dishes from a fixed menu, which can be the case at some venues. Instead, you can find a caterer you like and give them a brief to work to, including any foodie preferences you might have.

Choose your favourite wine

Likewise, if there are particular wines you enjoy, you can order it in by the caseload. And you won’t be subject to a corkage fee!

Book Your Own Party

What about the cons?


The biggest challenge is likely to be how well your house lends itself to becoming a party space and accommodating a large number of people.

That said, it doesn’t have to be a barrier, it just requires a little thought.

If you need to use several rooms, you might create different party zones – one room for dancing, chill-out room, another for food and drinks bar – which will allow guests to circulate.

Worried that the space isn’t big enough? Utilise your outdoor space by adding a marquee extension to create another ‘room’.

Add heaters for a party held during the colder months and bring your garden to life with colourful lighting to extend the party area even further.

Moving furniture

Partly in the interests of protecting your possessions, partly to maximise the available space, you will undoubtedly need to move and store furniture.

Risk of damage

Something as minor as a glass of red wine spilt could potentially mean the expense of replacing a carpet.

Accidental damage to your favourite painting might be too painful to bear.

Do check the details of your home and contents insurance. Check what insurance policies your suppliers have in place.

You may even want to consider taking out third-party liability insurance for absolute peace of mind.


Close neighbours will not appreciate loud music played long into the night.

Be considerate and give them advance notice of your party to avoid complaints on the night.

Pop a card through their door to let them know you’ll be throwing a party and at what time. A small thank-you gift might be pertinent.


There will be a clean-up operation the day after the night before – not the best thing to do with a hangover.

Why not take advantage of the opportunity to book your cleaners to carry out a thorough deep clean, then your home will be sparkling and clean, ready for furniture to be moved back in.


Not everyone has a massive drive or nearby field where guests can park their cars, so do think about the logistics of how everyone will be travelling to your home and don’t forget to include any important parking information and local taxi info when you send out the invites.

Bathroom queues

Make sure you stock up on loo roll, air freshener spray, hand soap and towels! Depending on how many guests you’re inviting, access to one or two bathrooms may not be sufficient.

However, this is easy to resolve by hiring luxury portaloos – and if this immediately conjures up images of portable toilets on building sites, clear your mind and think elegance instead.

Posh portaloos can be hired, complete with indulgent toiletries, and no one need spend the evening trying to avoid a trip to the bathroom!

A discussion with a professional party planner will help you make decisions and find the right solution for you! After all, it’s your party – let the professionals take care of the organisation so that you can focus on your guests and having a good time!

Pushed for time and need help getting everything organised? Give MGN events a call on 01932 223333 or email hello@mgnevents.co.uk – we love planning parties and we know how to create a unique experience that you and your guests will remember for years to come.


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