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Corporate summer party themes

2024’s Hottest Corporate Summer Party Themes

Planning your corporate party? Pick the perfect theme for your event by taking a look at our round-up of the best corporate summer party themes for 2024.

With the warmer weather approaching, what better way to reward employees, celebrate success or set out plans for the future than with a fabulous corporate summer party?

But how do you ensure your party will be a hit?

Creating a cohesive, well-thought out event is an absolute must. This will immerse your guests and create a truly memorable experience. Key to this is hitting upon the right corporate summer party themes.

Creative corporate summer party themes

Picking a great theme for your corporate summer party can be a tricky decision. Which one is likely to be a hit with your particular guests?

To help you create an event that your guests will remember, we’ve put together the ultimate list of corporate summer party themes for 2024. Read on to kick-off your event plans!

Carnival inspired corporate summer party themes

A carnival theme is one of the best corporate summer party ideas because it gives you the opportunity to create a really lively and celebratory mood. There’s also plenty of room to showcase some creativity and originality: bring in some Brazilian flair with a Rio-themed bash, go wild with a Mardi Gras party or recreate the magical sophistication of a Venetian masquerade ball. The choice is yours!

Whichever carnival you pick, make sure you entrance your guests with colour, music and fabulous food.

  • Party in Rio: If you’re looking to Brazil for event inspiration, spice up your party with carnival dancers, Batucada drummers and plenty of food and drink. Streamers, feathers and lots of colour are a must.
  • Mardi Gras: Recreate the celebrations of New Orleans with this fun carnival-themed corporate event. Fuel your guests with fairground food, entertain them with walkaround performers and carnival games, and keep the party going with some fabulous live music.
  • Venetian masquerade: Think lush drapery, candelabras, masks and plenty of feathers and you’re on your way to a magical masquerade. Magicians and fortune tellers will add to the illusion, as will stilt walkers, costumed living statues and awesome acrobats.
Corporate summer party themes

Beach style corporate summer party themes

What better place to be in summertime than on the beach? Of course, if the coast is a little bit of a stretch for your corporate summer party, a fantastic outdoor location can be magically transformed into the seaside for the big day.

Give your corporate party guests novelty sunglasses and hats to protect them from the sun, and keep them cool with ice creams and ice lollies from a traditional ice cream van. Posh fish and chips will keep more serious hunger pangs at bay.

To keep the fun factor high, add in some arcade games, a match of beach volleyball or a treasure hunt. Great photo opportunities can then be created with some popular beach props and some comedy peep boards.

If you want something a little more exotic for your beach-theme corporate event, a Tiki-styled party is also hugely popular right now. Palm trees, string lights and a Tiki bar handing out tasty mai tais will help you create the right atmosphere.

Bunting and lanterns at corporate fun day Corporate summer party themes

Circus corporate summer party themes

Hosting a circus themed corporate event is a surefire way to create an extraordinary experience for your guests. This theme really enables you to inject your own personality into the day, but you can also take inspiration from vintage circuses or even The Greatest Showman.

To fully immerse your attendees, set up a big top tent and marquees. These can be used to host incredible displays by acrobats, magicians and contortionists. Outside, sword eaters, stilt walkers and fire breathers can amaze your guests as they mingle in the grounds.

When bellies start to rumble, tempt your employees with popcorn, candy floss, sugary doughnuts and hot dogs, and then slake their thirst with alcoholic and virgin drinks topped with some dramatic dry ice.

Yet more entertainment can be provided by traditional fairground games, such as coconut shies, hook a duck and ring toss.

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Corporate summer party themes

James Bond corporate summer party themes

A James Bond theme event has a licence to thrill. Create a glamorous atmosphere by hosting your corporate event in a historic home, upscale ballroom or even a private club, and then issue a black tie invitation to your guests.

Soft, ambient lighting, glittering chandeliers and luxurious foods will complete your 007 theme. Don’t forget to deliver a suave and sophisticated drinks menu either! Include a shaken martini (never stirred!) along with the classics such as scotch on the rocks. Edible gold flakes and themed stirrers can add another layer of interest.

Of course, a James Bond theme corporate event wouldn’t be complete without the spy’s favourite casino games, including poker, black jack and roulette. James Bond lookalikes (along with his famous nemeses) and some fun props can create irresistible photo opportunities, especially if a Bond car is thrown into the mix.

To round off the evening, hire a great band to deliver all of the famous James Bond film themes.

Space inspired corporate summer party themes

If you want a corporate summer party theme that’s out of this world, a space-themed event could be the perfect choice.

Clever technology and lighting is a must-have with this corporate party theme, so make sure you go all out to create the feeling that your guests are partying on a spaceship. Experiment with LED lighting and star and planet projections to make sure you establish the right atmosphere.

Don’t forget the bar in your lighting plans: make it stand out with bright LED lights and then serve your guests dry ice cocktails or quick sips in test tubes.

LED hoop artists in otherworldly costumes, bubble dancers and Stormtrooper performers can then enthral your guests in this intergalactic get-together. Glow in the dark or vintage arcade games, such as Space Invaders, are other great options.

To finish the evening, call on a DJ to see who is the star dancer of the night.

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Corporate summer party themes

Superhero corporate summer party themes

Everyone has a super power they’d secretly like to have, so why not indulge your guests and embrace their inner superhero?

Museums, mansions (à la Bruce Wayne) and glamorous hotels make fantastic venues for this kind of theme. You could tailor your venue to a specific superhero location, such as Gotham City or the Halls of Valhalla, or go for a more general superhero theme with comic book signage and imagery.

To entice your guests into the entertainment space, use a Batman signal or a bespoke comic book-style strip. Once inside, astound your attendees with striking LED lighting and bright colours. Throw in some superhero performers, selfie booths, plenty of props and a great sense of fun, and your guests will be sure to have a super time.

Alice in Wonderland corporate summer party themes

Host an Alice in Wonderland themed corporate party and tempt your guests to see how deep the rabbit hole goes…

An Alice in Wonderland event is one of the best themes for corporate events because it’s a fantastic way to give your guests a whimsical and surreal treat. It’s perfect for venues with beautiful gardens, which you can deck out with fairy lights and plenty of flowers.

Giant chess, games of croquet and magicians will keep the fun flowing, while a wild tea party presided over by the Mad Hatter himself will top up guests’ energy levels. Be sure to cover the tables with plenty of mismatched teacups, plates and saucers, and think about serving up food that isn’t quite what it seems (think ‘sandwiches’ that are actually cakes).

Tea is an absolute must as a drink, but don’t miss out the opportunity to serve cocktails and soft drinks in potion bottles with ‘Drink Me’ labels.

To round off the evening, set up an outdoor cinema to watch Alice in Wonderland on the big screen or direct your guests to the Queen of Heart’s hall for a fabulous night of music and dancing.

ideas for a 50th birthday party Corporate summer party themes

Back To The Future corporate summer party themes

A corporate party that riffs off the cult classic Back To The Future is a great choice as it opens up both 80s and 50s styling.

Welcome guests with the chance to have their photo taken with a DeLorean DMC-12 and fill your chosen venue with memorable movie props. Eighties-style arcade games can give way to a 50s dance floor, set up to echo the Enchantment Under The Sea backdrop of the film’s famous prom scene. A live band can then blast out 80s hits or some 50s favourites.

For food, you can opt for 80s classics such as pizza (half pepperoni and half green pepper, of course) or you can lean into the 50s vibe with soda fountains, milkshakes, and burgers and fries served on red chequered napkins. Don’t forget the peanut brittle either!

Marquees Corporate summer party themes

Casino based corporate summer party themes

If you don’t want to embrace an all-out James Bond theme (see above!) you can still make your guests feel like high-rollers with a casino theme. You could even up the ante with a Las Vegas twist or 1920s vibe.

Make sure your guests feel like they’ve hit the jackpot as soon as they arrive with a red carpeted entrance. Inside, set up an array of popular casino games, from slot machines to Black Jack tables manned by professional croupiers.

Ambient lighting and glam decor that reflects the green, black and red of the gambling areas will complete your look.

To keep gaming energy high, keep the Champagne flowing, along with sophisticated canapes and bites that are easy to sample while playing.

For later in the evening, enlist the talents of a live jazz band to encourage your guests to shake off their losses and celebrate their wins.

Corporate summer party themes

Garden party corporate summer party themes

Garden parties are excellent for corporate summer events because they make the most of nice weather (when we have it) while also creating a laid-back atmosphere.

Set up in the grounds of a stately home and use marquees, fairy lights, flowers and vintage deck chairs to create a comfortable and summery atmosphere.

A posh nosh BBQ accompanied by craft beer, cocktails and fruity fizzes can keep your guests fed and watered, while lawn games including giant chess, Jenga and croquet can promote some team bonding.

In the evening, a DJ can keep the party going with some popular summer anthems. Alternatively, guests can get comfortable in some secret nooks and hideaways, which provide the perfect place to chat and mingle.

Of course, if you’d like to take your garden party theme further, you may want to consider a Midsummer Night’s Dream or enchanted garden theme: it’s the perfect excuse to add a sprinkle of fairy dust to your event.

Corporate summer party themes

Mexican fiesta corporate summer party themes

When it comes to fun themes for corporate events, why not add a bit of spice to this summer’s festivities with a Mexican themed corporate party?

Greet your guests with a live mariachi band and margaritas before hosting a few friendly competitions: think chilli eating contests, piñata pummelling and limbo. Guests can then stock up on delicious Mexican treats, including fajitas, quesadillas, tacos and colourful salads. Finish up with richly indulgent chocolate desserts.

As day fades to night, bring colour and flamboyance to the evening with flamenco dancers. Once they have amazed your guests, switch to modern Latin dance music for your guests to show off their best moves.

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Corporate summer party themes

Festival corporate summer party themes

A festival is a brilliant way to ensure your guests have fun in the sun, which is why it is still a hugely popular corporate event theme in 2024.

Find an excellent outdoor venue (our free venue-finding service can help) and create your festival area with plenty of tents and marquees. Flags, some of which can promote your brand, are an absolute must.

Give guests admittance with bespoke festival wristbands, and then encourage them to move between your festival’s ‘zones’. One tent could be hosting a comedy show while another could be home to well-being activities or crafts.

Music is another essential. Create a soundtrack for the daytime with some talented acoustic sets. In the evening, switch to live bands, who can ensure that energy stays high right up until the end. Other great entertainment ideas include fairground rides, such as ferris wheels and helter skelters.

For food, employ several street food trucks that can dish up a wide variety of fantastic international cuisine.

Corporate summer party themes

Office Olympics corporate summer party themes

A little healthy competition can be a game changer when it comes to ensuring the success of your summer event. It’s little surprise that the Olympics is a popular corporate summer party theme.

Host your event in a generous open space, and then divide your guests up into teams. A scoreboard will keep track of the winners and stimulate the competitive spirit.

The games themselves can range from inflatable sumo duels and obstacle courses to human caterpillar races. To fuel your competitors, provide a first-class BBQ with some seriously delicious choices: think ribs and halloumi skewers. Alternatively, why not try serving up something more adventurous, such as ostrich burgers?

As the competition closes, hand out medals to the winners on a branded podium before encouraging your guests to celebrate their wins to music provided by a live DJ.

planning employee events - MGN EventsPlanning employee events mobile - MGN Events

Gladiator corporate summer party themes

The revival of 80s and 90s TV favourite Gladiators has triggered plenty of interest in trying out their challenging events. So why not introduce some of their most memorable games to your next corporate party?

You’ll need plenty of open space for this theme, so look to large gardens or farms to host your competition. Dish out plenty of foam fingers among your guests so that they can cheer on their colleagues, and then let the games begin!

Recreate the TV favourite Duel with giant pugil sticks (big cotton buds to you and me) followed by huge inflatable obstacle courses. You can challenge your attendees’ minds with some oversized puzzles too. Climbing walls can also be a great activity for guests who aren’t afraid of heights!

To recharge and sate hungry appetites, host a luxurious BBQ with refreshing juices. Once the games are done, celebrate with craft beer, cocktails and maybe a few bottles of fizz. A party to a live band can be the perfect end to a busy day.

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By partnering with the professionals, you will gain access to our expertise, ensuring that you pick the right corporate summer party themes for your guests. We will also ease the burden of organising your knock-out corporate summer party, taking on the big tasks as well as the small. This will free up your valuable time and ensure nothing is overlooked.

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Corporate summer party themes

2024’s Hottest Corporate Summer Party Themes

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