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Team away day ideas

5 Top team away day ideas for summer

Team away days are the perfect opportunity to encourage and motivate your staff. Read on to get our top 5 summer team away day ideas to inspire your next event.

Summertime is a great excuse to gather your team together for an away day where they can enjoy a fun day out while building closer bonds and cultivating collaborative relationships. But what team building activities can you host to get the fun going? To help inspire you, we’ve put together our favourite team away day ideas.

Our 5 Top Team away day ideas

Picking the right team building idea is essential if you want your summer away day to be a success. The right activity will be fun, engaging and encourage each employee to work together.

The following team away day ideas take advantage of the promise of good summer weather. But just in case, we’ve also included some indoor away day activities. After all, the Great British weather can’t always be relied upon to be a team player!

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1. Outdoor team building activities

If you’re thinking about outdoor team building activities, there are a whole host of fantastic choices.

Treasure or scavenger hunts are a great choice and can be held in any location or venue. Divvy up your employees into teams and then give them a list of objects, locations or clues to find. The first team to collect everything is the winner and gets to take home the treasure!

Other great team building activities for outside include countryside sports, such as clay pigeon shooting or archery. Introduce a competitive element by pitching teams against each other.

Wilderness survival skills can be another great option. Teams can learn how to build shelters, start a fire and forage for food, all while working together.

2. Outdoor team building games

Team away days can include games that will suit your whole workforce. These can range from fairground games, such as coconut shies and hook-a-duck, to giant board games. Playing huge versions of chess, draughts or snakes and ladders is a surefire way to light up some competition and get your team laughing!

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3. Team building physical activities

If your team fancies something a little more energetic, some great team away day ideas include an ‘It’s a Knockout!’ style obstacle course! This will feature giant inflatable courses, which your employees have to conquer in order to be crowned the ultimate competitors. Alternatively, go for a ‘Gladiators’ theme and include a round of Duel too!

Relay races and school-styled sports days are also among the best team building activities should your team be up for a challenge.

4. Indoor summer team away day ideas

If the summer weather is a little too fickle for your liking, you can opt for an indoor team away day.

This could focus on adding to your team’s skills with cooking classes or even circus skills! Juggling, walking a tightrope and perfecting stilt walking will get your team laughing and working together for an excellent summer team building event.

Alternatively, you can encourage your employees to showcase the skills they already have! A talent show or karaoke competition can give your team a platform to show off and celebrate what they can do.

Team away day ideas

5. Charity team away day ideas

If you’re looking for team away day ideas with a bit of a difference, you may want to consider a charity-focused corporate away day. From carefully coordinated volunteer activities at local non-profits to an ‘act of kindness’ scavenger hunt or a bake off competition, these events can provide a real feel-good factor.

Moreover, incorporating a corporate social responsibility (CSR) element into your team building activities can be a powerful way to reinforce your company’s values and commitment to giving back to the community. Not only does this foster a sense of purpose and camaraderie among employees, but it also aligns your team with meaningful causes, boosting morale and fostering a positive company culture.

Benefits of company away days

Fostering the bonds between your team can give your organisation a huge number of benefits, which is why pinning down the right activity is essential.

Get it right and your business can enjoy:

  • A more motivated team
  • Better collaboration between team members
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Boosted morale
  • Higher productivity
  • A stronger company culture
  • Greater employee retention

Getting your employees together and having a change from their daily routine will also give them a well-earned break. This means fresher, more relaxed workers when it’s time to clock back in!

Start planning your team away day

Feeling inspired? Then it’s time to start planning your fantastic team away day!

But you don’t have to do it alone. Here at MGN events, we’ve got you covered when it comes to the essentials of organising corporate team building events. From team away day ideas, to picking the right location and sorting out suppliers on the day, we can take the burden of stress from your shoulders.

If you’d like to plan a fantastic team away day but safeguard your time and energy, get in touch with our experienced team today. You can fill in the contact form below, drop us a line at hello@mgnevents.co.uk or call us on 01932 223333.


Team away day ideas

5 Top team away day ideas for summer

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