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Luxury travel essentials

14 must-have luxury travel essentials

Discover our top 14 luxury travel essentials for your next flight, trip, or train journey. From indulgent skin care and cashmere blankets to high-end headphones, these must-have items will make your travel experience comfortable and indulgent.

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Key takeaways:

  • Luxury travel essentials to take on your next trip for consistent comfort
  • 14 essentials for an elevated travel experience
  • MGN recommended luxury travel essentials & accessories for those who appreciate the finer things in life

As someone who appreciates the finer things in life, you know that travel is just as much about the journey as the destination. Your travel experience should be just as luxurious and enjoyable as your accommodation or experience on arrival.

That’s why it’s important to have the right travel accessories and essentials at your fingertips. While your airline, air charter company, chauffeur or railway company will likely offer high-end, perhaps even luxury travel essentials, they may not meet your specific needs or preferences.

Luxury travel essentials

Luxury Travel Essentials

Having your own luxury travel essentials and creature comforts on the go, not only ensures you have access to the products and brands you prefer, but it also helps you maintain a consistent level of luxury and comfort throughout your journey. Having your own essentials will also provide a sense of familiarity, helping you feel more at ease throughout your trip.

In this article, we’ll share some of our favourite luxury travel essentials and accessories that can help to elevate your experience, no matter how you choose to travel.

  1. Hand sanitiser: SHIRO Hand Cleansing Spray (80ml) is an alcohol-based harmonious spray with an uplifting, warm scent. Leaving your hands germ free and feeling freshly washed, the spray combines bright refreshing ingredients such as citrus, eucalyptus and mint, along with floral and spicy notes such as pelargonium and cinnamon. The scent has a subtle complexity that lingers pleasantly in the air. After each spray, cup your hands and breathe-in their scent for a quick rejuvenating pick-me-up.
  2. Mask spray: SHIRO Scented Mask Spray (50ml) is perfect for those wearing a face mask for long periods of time. It’s an alcohol-free spray that can be spritzed lightly onto the inside of your mask. Refreshing and revitalising, the spray combines zesty citrus and grapefruit, mineral salts, and cooling menthol. The essential oils are food grade so are safe when in direct contact with your lips and skin. Give it a good shake before use and enjoy its spa-like scent.
  3. Eye serum: Charlotte Tilbury Cryo-Recovery eye serum (15ml) enables you to wave goodbye to hollowed-out jet-lag eyes, and to say hello to soft, plump undereye skin and rejuvenated peepers. This instant energising serum comes with an easy-to-use applicator for a smoothed, luminous look. The formula boasts an anti-ageing complex with tightening, brightening ingredients, plumping peptides, dark circle diminishing caffeine, seaweed and horse chestnut extracts and promotes elasticity and hydration. The ideal companion however you choose to travel.
  4. Eye mask: Aurora Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks (pack of 5) are sure to soothe your senses while you travel. Simply unfold and place over your eyes to enjoy the air activated double Ecosteam technology that gently heats up for 30 minutes of warmth. With a barely-there scent and blackout properties, these masks are designed to be worn overnight and provide a wonderful moment of relaxation wherever you are.
  5. Face mask: Celestial Black Diamond Lifting and Firming Face Mask (1 mask) is a must-have, faff-free anti-ageing and instant tightening face mask. This intensely nourishing mask addresses loss of volume and signs of redness, firms skin and softens the appearance of fine lines. Unfold the mask and pop it on for 20 minutes to arrive at your destination looking bright and fresh.
  6. Facial treatment: TheraFace Pro All in One Facial and Skin Device is a very clever bit of all-in-one tech. Using microcurrent, LED light therapy and cleansing techniques, it helps to reduce tension, relax facial muscles and achieve healthier-looking skin. You can switch seamlessly between treatments to alleviate the effects of travel, easing headaches, reducing facial puffiness, and achieving healthier looking skin. Better yet, it saves valuable luggage space by combining multiple products into one.
  7. Subtle, solid perfume: Crabtree & Evelyn Femme de Force Solid Perfume is a twist-up stick perfume that has a modern, floral scent. Transporting you through a sun-soaked Italian lemon grove to an English rose garden with a touch of spice, this is the perfect on-the-go fragrance for your carry-on or handbag.
  8. Travel set: The Versace Patterned Travel Set enables you to travel in style. Featuring a matching mask, pillow, and slippers that all conveniently pack within a chic case for effortless portability, the travel set gives you everything you need for a luxurious experience on the fly.
  9. Travel neck pillow: The Frequent Flyer 4-Piece Travel Set helps you travel in comfort and style and features a memory foam neck pillow, travel pillowcase, face covering, and sleep mask all crafted with luxurious slipsilk material that protects your skin and hair. The soft, durable, and ultra-shiny silk material is perfect for giving you a restful sleep and are all designed to make your travels more enjoyable.
  10. Cashmere blanket: The Sofia Cashmere travel set lets you take comfort and luxury with you wherever you go. Wrap up in a soft argyll knit inspired blanket, pop on a sleep mask and lay your head against a soft cashmere pillow.
  11. Luxe comfy socks: Pairs Scotland’s mohair socks are designed for year-round wear, making them a versatile option for long flights or unpredictable weather while travelling. With a reputation as the “diamond fibre,” mohair offers a durable quality and luxurious sheen that’s soft to the touch, making these socks the perfect middle ground between cotton and cashmere. Ethically sourced from South African Angora goats and crafted by hand in a Scottish mill, these socks are a sustainable and high-quality choice for any adventure.
  12. Electric toothbrush: The Colegate Hum weighs in at just over 50 grams and is 8 inches tall and comes with a travel case making it the perfect tool for oral hygiene on the go. The rechargeable model has three brushing modes – normal, sensitive, and deep clean and the battery-operated one offers the first two modes. The rechargeable battery version should last about 10 days on a single charge with regular use.
  13. Power bank: Anker Magnetic Power Bank offers a practical foldable stand that enables you to view your phone easily while simultaneously charging it wirelessly. Its strong magnets snap on to your phone and it charges quickly and safely, making it the ideal travel partner.
  14. Noise cancelling headphones: Apple Airpods Max Over-Ear Wireless Headphones let you indulge in your music or entertainment while travelling. You’ll enjoy an immersive cinematic experience while being free from distractions. The knitted-mesh canopy and memory foam ear cushions along with their 20-hour battery length make them ideal for long flights or train journeys. And easily share audio between two sets of AirPods on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV.

Portable Luxury for work, rest or play

Whether you’re travelling for work or play, including luxury travel essentials like these can make the journey as enjoyable and comfortable as your five-star destination. So, go ahead and pack your bags with confidence, knowing you’ve got everything you need to have a wonderful trip – no matter how you choose to get around.

Luxury at our core

At our core, we understand luxury. We understand the high standards and expectations of those who indulge in and surround themselves with the finer things in life. We know the perfect experience – be it a weekend escape, a holiday, a family event, or a cocktail party – is about fuss-free indulgent experiences that create lasting memories. We’re ready to bring your vision to life, whether it’s at home or abroad.

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