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8 tips to organising the best summer office party ever

An impending summer office party brings with it many expectations – and most of them will be high! So if you’ve been asked to take responsibility for the planning and organisation of yours, the pressure is on. We know how much work is involved to create a fantastic event, so here are our expert tips to help you make sure your summer party is the talk of the office for weeks after – and for all the right reasons.

1. Organisation is key

First things first, planning a party isn’t something you can do in your lunchtime. There is a lot to organise and it should be treated as seriously as any other work task. So make sure that you set aside sufficient time to take care of all the details – it’s the only way you’ll do justice to your company, everyone who will be at the party… and yourself! Naturally, that also means not leaving it until the very last minute when rushing will almost certainly mean crucial elements are overlooked.

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2. Budget!

The boring but very necessary part of your planning. All those great ideas you have, the exciting vision you develop for your party, will come to nothing if you don’t set a budget and keep tight hold of the purse strings. Booking a fantastic live band to perform at the expense of putting on a decent spread will not play out well on the day. Be realistic about what you can afford.

3. Summer parties are better outdoors

Yes, we know, the weather is so unpredictable that planning a party outdoors is totally crazy – but only if you don’t make contingency plans for inclement weather. Incorporating a marquee into your plans gives you the perfect back-up plan. It’s there, perhaps, for when night falls and the DJ invites everyone to hit the dancefloor, but if there’s a passing shower there is somewhere for people to take cover. Equally, it’s sensible to have somewhere that offers shade in the event that the sun happens to be blazing that day. Alternatively, you might want to consider hiring a venue where you can make use of both indoor and outdoor areas and get the best of both worlds.

4. Think carefully before fixing the date

Finding a date that suits everyone in the summer can be tricky. The safest approach is to avoid the school holidays as much as possible (and remember that state and private school holidays differ a little) – staff with families are likely to be taking time off to go away any time between late July and early September.

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5. Invite the family

Summer parties are an ideal opportunity to invite other halves and kids. Apart from the fact that a party is a way of saying ‘thank you’ to staff for their hard work, it also gives your company chance to thank the families – knowing that staff are appreciated means that next time people have to work later than usual, there might just be more understanding and acceptance.

6. Ensure there’s something for everyone

This is particularly true if the party is going to be family-oriented, you’ll need to provide suitable activities/entertainment for all ages. It’s not difficult, it just requires a bit of thought and organisation.

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7. Give your party a theme

Not only does it add an extra dimension to the event, it can also really help in the planning because you can be so much more focused in sourcing entertainment, catering and so on. Summer parties lend themselves to all kinds of fun themes – we’ve done all sorts, from a fun carnival to a vibrant Rio-inspired theme.

8. Feed them!

If it’s summer it must be barbecue, right? Barbecues definitely work really well for summer parties – even on less sunny days! Or you could do a hog roast. Both types of catering can be really cost effective for large numbers, just make sure everything is served in such a way that it’s easy to eat even if guests are standing up. Don’t forget to check for special dietary requirements and allergies so that no one goes hungry!

Of course, if you’d prefer to hand over the reins to the experts then we’d love the opportunity to discuss how we could help make your summer office party the best ever! Why not give us a call on 01932 223 333 or email hello@mgnevents.co.uk.


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