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How to take your corporate summer party online 

Take your summer party online. As we get used to the ‘new normal’ for the foreseeable future, we’re working with clients to find ways of maintaining staff morale and celebrating business success. Important factors regardless of the way in which they may now find themselves working. Now, more than ever before, making sure the summer party still happens is important for the wellbeing of your teams.

But to make it a really engaging and rewarding experience, taking your summer party online has to be a bit more than an invite to join in for a live chat via Zoom and make sure you’ve got a few beers lined up!

Summer party online

We’ll turn your online summer party into a special and memorable event

A quick look at some of our case studies will demonstrate that we’re pretty good at what we do! We put together events that have a wow factor and that provide plenty of fun and entertainment for the participants. From the overall theme to ensuring the event is branded; we take care of every detail and everything is underpinned by high production values and technical expertise.

It’s exactly the same online! Imagine the event being a bit like a live TV show. The audience/your people are all in separate places but can still enjoy the same experience regardless. We take on the role of production department and control room, putting together great graphics and video content, orchestrating all the different elements, making sure everything happens on time, cutting from live commentary to a recorded segment without any hitches – in short, creating a really slick and well produced event.

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Get interactive!

Now add in interactivity! You don’t want a passive audience, you need engaged and active participants who can get involved in the event. We can put together a great package of fun sessions from which people can pick and choose what most appeals to them; from dancing round their living rooms during a great DJ set to learning a streetdance routine (to be performed to their colleagues, of course!) to making sushi that then becomes part of the event ‘catering’. Recreating classic gameshows is proving really popular, including Pointless and The Price is Right – they’re a great way of introducing a fun competitive element. And if your people enjoy any opportunity to show off (or are simply game for a laugh!), you’ll definitely want to add Lip Sync Battles to the itinerary!

A professional facilitator to oversee events – a bit like a TV anchor person – ensures continuity and a slot for a celeb appearance would add an extra element of surprise. Bring it all together with professionally produced graphics, video and special effects, and you’ll have a hit on your hands!

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Thinking of combining a party with delivering key business objectives?

Why not take a look at these five great ideas for corporate summer parties to discover how you can add a business dimension to a social event.

Ready to start planning? Get in touch and we’ll help turn a simple Zoom invite into your company event of the year! Contact us and speak to a member of the MGN team today. Call 01932 22 33 33 or email hello@mgnevents.co.uk.


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