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What not to forget when party planning

The devil, they say, is in the detail, and a successful party is one where every single last detail has been covered – from the basics to the seemingly inconsequential. The more attention you pay to the tiniest details the more your guests will love the overall experience. Here are our top tips for how to make sure your special event runs smoothly:

  • Double check your guests’ dietary requirements in advance of the party. If you’re serving bowl food or setting up food stations, it can be useful to label dishes that have been specifically prepared for guests who can only eat certain things vegetarian, gluten intolerant etc. It’s amazing how committed carnivores can be attracted to the lovely vegetarian options!

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  • Do you need waiting staff to help with drinks and food? It will make for a far more relaxing atmosphere if drinks and canapes are circulating rather than left on a table where a scrum of guests might form. Plus they’ll give your event a more professional edge.
  • Make sure you put out serviettes if you’re serving food.
  • Get loads of ice for drinks. Depending on the drinks you’re serving, make sure you have lots of straws. And do have more than one bottle opener available! Order more glassware than you think you’ll need. Guests will forget where they put down their drink, change their tipple, find a fresh glass – and you don’t want to be stuck with washing up all night!
  • Keep things tidy. There’s nothing worse than dirty plates and bowls being left around. If you have waiting staff they will take care of this. If you don’t you’ll need to be eagle-eyed.
  • Bins are useful to have discreetly positioned around the party space. But do keep a check on them and empty them if they’re getting full.
  • Have a first aid kit handy. You never know when the odd minor accident might happen and it’s far better to be prepared.

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  • A good supply of loo roll is a must! Make sure there is also plenty of hand wash, and spare hand towels or lots of paper towels.
  • Expecting smokers? You’ll need to provide ashtrays and creating a designated smoking area is probably preferable.
  • Your party is being held in a marquee in your garden. Is there a possibility of rain? Play safe and hire in a load of umbrellas that guests can use between your house and marquee. At the very least, make sure you have an umbrella stand or bucket handy near the marquee entrance where wet brollies can be stored.
  • If your party is held at a time of year when everyone will be arriving wearing coats, you’ll need a cloakroom. Dressing rails with coat hangers is as technical as you need to get – set something up in a spare room or partition of a small area in your marquee.
  • Signage can be very useful. If your party is in your home, signs for the bathroom are useful. If you’re using a marquee, you may need to direct people to it and also provide signs for bathroom facilities. Walk the journey beforehand, imagine you’re seeing everything for the first time and what guidance may be needed.

Want to hold a party but haven’t got time for all the detail? Our party planning service takes care of everything – call us on 01932 223333 or email hello@mgnevents.co.uk.


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