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Get organised with our handy event planning checklist

From the moment you decide to throw a party or organise a special event you’ll quickly discover that you’ve committed yourself to spending a lot of time making it happen. We’ve put together a handy event planning checklist as there will be a very long list of things to do and, for every item you tick off, there will be more to add. Along the way, there will be umpteen decisions to be made – and then yet more.

For every element of your party or event, you’ll need to find suppliers. This in itself can be a lengthy process – finding two or three that look good, checking availability, getting costs in and comparing, possibly juggling your party budget as things are put in place. It’s a process that has to be repeated constantly – from choosing a florist to hiring props to booking the venue or choosing a marquee company. And it all takes time – great if you have plenty to spare, more challenging if you’re doing this around work commitments or even as part of your work commitments if yours is a corporate event.

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Being organised about your organising (really!) is key to the success of any event. We do it day in day out but we never leave anything to chance. Every event that we work on is distilled down to a series of highly detailed spreadsheets and time schedules. The end product may be full of creative thinking, visual impact and inspiration, but it’s making sure that every tiny detail is addressed in the run-up to the day of the event that ensures success. And it’s exactly the same for you!

Help is at hand with the MGN party event planning checklist

Why not get your copy of our party planning checklist to help you keep on track. We take you through a typical event planning journey, from the moment you start thinking about your special occasion to the day after the night before. The checklist covers all the key decisions that need to be made and even when you need to make them. Just need to fill in the form below to download your very own event planning checklist.

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And don’t forget, if you don’t have time to do everything yourself – or start to feel snowed under – we are only a phone call away! Ask us to take care of certain details only or brief us to plan and manage the entire event, we’ll make your party a fantastic experience for you and your guests.

Kat Shepherdson


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