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The Gatsby theme is a great excuse to go to town and dress up, and for this particular 18th birthday party, the guests – a mix of family and friends – went to town and truly brought the theme alive. Hosted in our client’s home in Richmond, Surrey, the party was held both inside and out, with a clear marquee installed in the garden to extend the party space. Were we stumped by the request for a pool to be specially built for the event, or for a piano to be put on their roof? Of course not, we rise to every challenge and always deliver. Our professional feather dancer gave several spectacular performances on the pools podium.

The Solution

Special touches included a stunning Beauford Open Tourer parked at the entrance of our client’s property. Three professional immersive actors were in full flow, we created a truly theatrical start to the event. Guests entered a glamorous and glitzy environment and our roving reporters/photographers encouraged everyone to strike a pose so that there would be plenty of photographic memories from the evening. Naturally, a Gatsby party wouldn’t be complete without a pair of fantastic Charleston dancers. And what better way to complete the event, by showcasing The Great Gatsby movie on our big screen outdoor cinema!