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Which holiday destination will you choose this summer?

With summer fast approaching booking a holiday will be high on the agenda for many. And rightly so! The last year has been testing to say the least and, if you’ve had to work from home and have spent countless hours in Zoom meetings, stress levels are likely to have been abnormally high. Trying to work as part of a team, trying to complete major projects, trying to implement new strategies – everything has been more challenging during the Covid-19 pandemic. Feeling exhausted or coming close to burn out is not at all unusual and the thought of heading off to a fantastic holiday destination is guaranteed to lift one’s mood.

As the government reviews its green list of countries to which it is deemed safe to travel, now seems a good time to start making holiday plans. We’ve been looking at the various holidays young professionals and executives might enjoy!

Go on an adventure holiday

Want to do more than lie on a beach all day and like the idea of discovering somewhere new? Getting a taste of local culture and going a little off the beaten track is guaranteed to provide memories that last a lifetime, but what if your friends can’t book the time off or would rather head to that beach? There are some great travel companies that cater specifically for young professionals who want an authentic experience. It means you can travel on your own, meet like-minded people (and probably make friends for life), and have a fantastic holiday experience. Other Way Round is one such company that organises trips to Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Brazil. Given the choice of these holiday destinations we’d hop on a plane to Peru to explore Lima by bike, trek through the Amazon rainforest, follow the Inca trail and visit Machu Picchu – all this and more whilst staying in super stylish hotels and haciendas, what’s not to like!

Relax and enjoy a wellbeing holiday

We’ve already mentioned high stress levels so the idea of going on a holiday specifically designed to help you unwind seems just right. Head to the Med and enjoy a range of holistic spa treatments, yoga and meditation in Madeira or venture further away to the southern hemisphere and get back to New Zealand’s sublime nature. There are so many fantastic holiday destinations where you can relax, practise mindfulness, yoga and more – you’ll return home refreshed, revived and ready to get back to work.

What about trying a workation?

Too much work on your plate to get away but really need a break? This one is for you! The workation is a new concept that probably wouldn’t exist without Covid-19. The forced move to remote working has opened everyone’s eyes to being able to get things done outside of an office environment. To take that one step further, if you can work effectively from home you should be able to work just as well from anywhere, which means you could be enjoying a wonderful holiday destination whilst still meeting work deadlines.

As the saying goes ‘a change is as good as a rest’. A change of scenery is often all it takes to bring about a new energy and, with that, inspired thinking. If you’ve proven yourself to be motivated and productive over the last 18 months, it shouldn’t be too hard to sell the idea to your line manager. Make sure you book somewhere with good internet connection, be clear about the hours you’ll be working and contactable, be disciplined and make sure you build in time to enjoy the holiday destination you’ve chosen. How about Singapore for a real buzz? Or maybe you’d prefer a more rural retreat in Iceland where you can enjoy peace and tranquility.

Staycations are good too!

There are so many beautiful places right on our doorstep, from Cornwall to Scotland, with Pembrokeshire, the Cotswolds, Norfolk, the Lake District and so many other holiday destinations in between. Book an Airbnb, a charming country manor hotel or a swish boutique hotel and discover a new area – whether you want an adrenaline-filled activity holiday, fancy learning how to paint with watercolours or want to immerse yourself in a beautiful natural environment, a UK holiday could be every bit as enjoyable and inspiring as travelling to distant shores!

Not going away? Plan a holiday-themed party!

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We know that not everyone will feel comfortable about travelling to other countries just yet. But it doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. Why not consider throwing an epic party for all your friends and family – take inspiration from your favourite holiday destination to create a fantastic party and make some special memories right here in Blighty!
We’ve recreated Ibiza in a client’s home, brought the Caribbean to Cobham in Surrey, transformed a venue into a vibrant and lively Club Tropicana and turned a marquee into Marbella’s coolest club – just a few ideas to start you thinking! Whether your inspiration is the land down under, a Greek taverna or salsa in Havana, anything is possible!

Why not talk to us?

If you like the idea of throwing a holiday themed party but don’t know where to start or simply don’t have the time, why not give us a call! We can take care of as much or as little of the planning, organisation and management as you want. Call 01932 22 33 33 or email hello@mgnevents.co.uk

Gary Duarte
Content writer


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