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Incorporating clever catering in your corporate event

Food for the brain

Food is one of the main highlights at any event – whether the event is a wedding or a business conference – and satisfying our stomachs definitely influences how we feel about the overall experience. But have you ever considered how the choice of menu can affect mood and attention levels?

Catering at a corporate event, such as a corporate conference where delegates are expected to be actively engaged throughout the day, is a balancing act. No one will be impressed by a spartan spread of sausage rolls and sandwiches for lunch, but a full-on three course meal is likely to leave delegates flagging by 3pm, battling that post-meal sleepy feeling as the body concentrates on digestion.

What you need is superfood, food for the brain that is nutritious and easy to digest, keeping delegates mentally alert, full of energy and enthusiasm to return to the next seminar or workshop session. Superfoods aren’t just a fad. The right food choices have a really positive impact on energy levels, the ability to concentrate and focus, so it makes sense to think carefully about what’s on the menu when planning a corporate event.

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Corporate Event Catering – Making the most of every break for food and refreshment

So let’s imagine that you are planning a whole day event, with delegates scheduled to arrive first thing in the morning. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but one that is often skipped – and if any of your delegates are having to travel for longer than usual, you can be fairly confident that a percentage will sacrifice breakfast in preference for catching an earlier train or maybe replaced by a poor fast-food substitute. That’s why food on arrival at the event is such a good thing – it will give delegates the opportunity to boost their glucose levels, which will help brain function for the next few hours. Going into the morning session without feeling hungry also means happier and less stressed delegates – which therefore means more willing participants!

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Helpings of granola with fresh blueberries and yogurt work really well, as do wholemeal muffins and fresh fruit. Everyone will be looking forward to a caffeine kick mid-morning – add a delicious choice of healthy and nutritious flapjacks and fruit and they’ll soon be ready to return to their next session.

Lunch, as we’ve already said, is a balancing act. You need to provide delegates with fuel for the afternoon without leaving them feeling sluggish. Wholegrains, vegetable carbohydrates, pulses, superfood salads with tasty ingredients such as lentils, pumpkin seeds, broccoli and squash are all really good choices – which puts us in mind of scrumptious vegan dishes that are becoming increasingly popular. Of course, you don’t have to go completely vegan – salmon and chicken sit quite happily on a brain food menu.

Then there’s the little afternoon pick-me-up and we can’t think of a better idea than setting up a healthy juice bar, where delegates can choose from an array of freshly pressed fruit juices, juices and smoothies made from a tantalising mix of fruit and veg – who knew that spinach could be so delicious!

So for your next corporate event remember that food really does matter! We work with some fantastic caterers and will make sure everyone attending your event is well fed and their brains nourished for an invigorating experience!

If you’d like to discuss brain food for your next corporate event, contact us today!


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